How To Cleanse The Lymphatic System

Our body’s lymphatic system basically has a kind of draining function, because it can filter waste products and drain them from the body. Without the lymphatic system, both the immune system and the cardiovascular system would gradually fail. When the fluid in the lymphatic system is thick and slowed down by a large amount of toxins, your muscles don’t get enough blood flow, you feel pain and tension in your organs, and you have low energy. [1] X Research Source Health experts more or less agree that the lymphatic system needs to be cleansed. Since the health of each of our cells depends on the proper functioning of the lymphatic system, a blockage can cause painful reactions in any part of the body.

Adjust your diet and lifestyle

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Avoid processed foods. Although scientific research has not yet shown a link between the consumption of sweet foods and the accumulation of toxins, you can reduce the amount of toxins in your body by reducing your intake of processed foods, especially sweet foods. Try to eliminate processed foods that contain simple sugars and carbohydrates and those with artificial sweeteners from your diet. The less waste your lymphatic system has to filter, the easier it will be to cleanse your entire body.

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Reduce your intake of red meat, shellfish and hydrogenated fats. According to experts, our bodies digest red meat and shellfish very slowly, which can clog the lymphatic system. If you have to consume animal-based proteins, give preference to organic meat. Hydrogenated fats can oxidize very easily and clog blood vessels and the lymphatic system.

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Limit the consumption of dairy products and white flour. There is no scientific evidence of the negative effects of these foods, but both milk and white flour create mucus in your body which can clog the lymphatic system. Therefore, replace some of the regular milk with almond or rice milk. You can substitute wholemeal flour for white flour or start shopping for gluten-free products. Wholemeal flour is also best suited for its vitamin and other nutrient content.

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Eat organic fruits and vegetables. When buying fruit and vegetables, pay attention to the signs and stickers that indicate the biological origin of the fruit. If you shop at farmers’ markets or similar places, ask at the grocer’s supply source. Organic production reduces the amount of toxins your lymphatic system has to filter out later. In addition, these fruits contain powerful enzymes and acids that help cleanse the lymphatic system.

You can recognize organic fruit or vegetables in the shop by the designation “organic “, “produced from organic farming ” or by the number of the control organization (eg CZ-BIO-001).

We can only define “bio ” those raw or processed agricultural products and raw materials that come from organic farming. In the cultivation of these foods should not be used: artificial fertilizers and pesticides, fertilizers in the form of sewage sludge, genetic engineering, growth hormones, antibiotics, artificial additives and synthetic additives.

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Eat whole grains, nuts, seeds, beans, and other legumes. Whole grain products such as brown rice and walnuts or walnut, almond and chia seeds provide your body with important vitamins and minerals, thereby strengthening its health and supporting the functioning of the lymphatic system.

You should get vitamin A in a daily dose of 700-900 mcg. This vitamin can prevent bacteria and viruses from entering and multiplying in internal organs.

Vitamin C has a recommended daily allowance of around 75-90 mg. Scientist Linus Pauling speculated that vitamin C could strengthen the immune system and prevent viral infections.

Vitamin E – the recommended daily dose is 15 mg. This vitamin acts as an antioxidant, preventing potentially harmful redox reactions to blood vessels and the lymphatic system.

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B vitamins help with energy supply and can strengthen the immune system.

Zinc is a mineral that can support the immune system through protein synthesis.

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Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Your body needs water for proper hydration and lymph flow, which helps remove harmful toxins from it. Therefore, drink at least 6-8 glasses of filtered or purified water per day. Avoid sodas, sports drinks, and very sweet fruit juices.

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Get allergies and special food needs. If you’ve never had similar tests before, ask your doctor about allergy and sensitivity tests to certain foods that can affect your digestion. Your body’s detoxification function begins in the digestive tract, so digestive problems can lead to a blockage of the lymphatic system. So, if you find that you are allergic to certain foods or products such as dairy or gluten, you can eliminate them from your diet to prevent blockage of the lymphatic system.

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Use natural deodorants. Aluminum-based antiperspirants can clog sweat glands and introduce extra toxins into your body. In addition to the natural treatment, experts believe these chemicals also clog the lymphatic system. The accumulation of aluminum is believed to lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

You should also avoid using chemical laden cosmetics. These products include most commercially available creams, toothpastes, and sunscreens, all of which contain chemicals that can enter the lymphatic system.

Buy natural organic cosmetics with no or at least reduced chemical content. You can also make natural products yourself at home.

exercise and physical therapy

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Exercise regularly. Regular exercise with lots of movements such as jumping or running stimulates blood circulation in the lymphatic system. Moving muscles massage the lymphatic system and improve its patency.

Lymphatic stimulation can be achieved, for example, by walking, running, various sports and other strenuous physical activities. Aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate activity at weekly intervals or 30 to 60 minutes per day.

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Schedule a series of manual lymphatic drainage sessions with a certified therapist. This massage technique should only be performed by certified professionals who have undergone a special training process for this purpose. There are also lymphatic channels directly under the skin, which support blood circulation. When your lymph (lymph) slows down, your skin may appear dull or slightly yellow, or worse, you may be exhibiting symptoms of an autoimmune disease. Manual lymphatic drainage is a gentle rhythmic technique that helps improve lymphatic flow throughout the body.

After a hot bath or shower, scrub your skin dry. In the shower you can experience the benefits of hydrotherapy with switching between hot and cold water. Then use a natural bristle brush to scrub, preferably with a long holder. This stimulates the skin and removes dead skin cells.

Scrub your entire body using the same technique used by your certified massage therapist for manual lymphatic drainage.

You can also incorporate salt into the massage by first applying some sea salt with aromatic essential oil to the brush. This will stimulate the skin and remove harmful toxins through it.

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Practice rotating yoga positions. People who practice yoga believe that “spinning chair” or “sitting rotations” positions can squeeze all harmful substances out of the body.

Utkatasány version (swivel chairs): stand on an insole.

Join your hands as if in prayer and bring them to a position in the center of the heart or center of the chest. Inhale, then exhale and touch the left elbow on the outside of the right thigh, just above the knee. You should turn right with your hands facing the right side of the room.

Make sure your knees are even and your hips are facing the front of the room. Push outward of the right thigh with the left elbow and try to roll on each exhalation and inhalation.

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Hold this position for 5-6 breaths and then bring your hands back to your chest. Repeat the same position on the left side so that the right elbow touches the outside of the left thigh.

Marichyasana Execution 3 (Seated Twist): Sit on a yoga mat with your legs straight in front of you and your toes crossed towards you.

Bend the right knee and bring the foot inside the left thigh. You can leave the right foot attached to the inside of the left thigh or cross it over the thigh to continue rotating. You can keep the left leg straight or bend it at the knee and bring the foot outside the right hip.

Now bring your right knee to your chest with your left arm, raise your right arm and rotate your body to the left. Place your right hand a few inches on the mat.

Keep pulling on your right knee as you turn your body to the left. To deepen the rotation, push the left elbow towards the outside of the right thigh. As you inhale, straighten your spine, as you exhale, rotate your body further to the left.

Hold for 5-6 breaths and then repeat in the same way.

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Do deep breathing exercises. Although there is no scientific evidence that breathing stimulates the lymphatic system, deep breathing exercises can improve overall health, including the lymphatic system. As you inhale, the pressure in your chest decreases and the abdomen increases. This pumps the lymph from the legs to the arms and travels to the drainage points behind the collarbone. The collarbone is actually a one-way piston, which means that toxins leave the body through it because they cannot be pushed back. Perform breathing exercises as follows:

Lie down on a flat surface such as B. a bed or exercise mat. Then inhale deeply through the nose. As you inhale, tilt your head and push your toes forward as far as possible. Hold your breath and count to five. Try to breathe in as much air as possible.

Slowly exhale through your nose and at the same time stretch your feet towards your head, pressing your chin as close to your chest as possible.

Repeat these deep breaths about 8-10 times, breathing only through the nose. If you feel dizzy, don’t panic, this is a common reaction to deep breathing.

Try to do breathing exercises (8-10 breaths) at least once a day.

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Treat yourself to a sauna or steam bath. A weekly visit to the sauna or Turkish bath promotes healthy sweating and detoxifies the body. Additionally, naturopathy experts believe that saunas and steam rooms support the lymphatic system.

After a long sauna or steam bath, don’t forget to drink enough water to eliminate toxins from your body and help the lymphatic system function properly.

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Have your lymphatic system acupuncture by a certified acupuncturist. Acupuncture is a set of treatments that originated in China. The general theory of acupuncture is based on patterns of energy (chi) flow throughout the body which is essential for overall health. An interruption in this flow is therefore responsible for the onset of diseases and illnesses.

One of the main interests of acupuncture is to decongest the lymphatic system. Before performing acupuncture of the lymphatic system, verify the competence of the selected acupuncturist and ask him to show proof of the certificate and the necessary permits.

Side effects of acupuncture include infection caused by unsterile needles and partial lung collapse caused by accidental lung puncture. If the procedure is performed by a specialist who maintains hygienic standards, these side effects should be minimal.

Taking supplements and detoxing

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Talk to your doctor about enzyme supplementation. Before taking enzyme supplements, consult your doctor to find out how they work and what effects they can have on your body. According to naturopathy experts, enzymes help the lymphatic system break down complex fats and proteins and support the functioning of the digestive tract.

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You can take digestive enzymes with food and proteolytic enzymes between meals.

Proteolytic enzymes are the body’s primary tool for digesting organic debris in the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Therefore, supplementation with proteolytic enzymes will enhance these functions.

Additionally, proteolytic enzymes help eliminate circulating immune complexes (CIK) from the body. Once CIKs build up in your body, they can trigger allergic reactions in the immune system, overloading it. The use of proteolytic enzymes relieves the body of this load and relaxes the immune system, which can then function properly: preventing the development of diseases.

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Do a three-day lymphatic cleanse. Although there is no scientific evidence of the effectiveness of cleansers on overall health, some experts believe they can activate the lymphatic system and remove all harmful toxins from the body. If you are looking to cleanse your lymphatic system and have never undergone such a cleanse, try a three day cleansing regimen. Three days is considered the absolute minimum to eliminate all toxins from the lymphatic system. A week before you start cleaning, remove meat, flour, and sugar from the menu. Eat only raw fruits, seeds, nuts, sprouts, and vegetables a day or two before cleaning.

For the next three days, choose one of the following juices: apple, grape or carrot. The only other juice you drink while cleaning is prune juice.

Drink a glass of water in the morning and then immediately drink 250-300 ml of prune juice mixed with the juice of one lemon. This supports the bowel movement. Sip the juice slowly and chew it to mix it well with your saliva.

During the day, then, alternate the chosen juice with water until it approaches 3.5 liters of juice drunk and 3.5 liters of water drunk. You can add lemon juice to juice or water.

Mix a tablespoon of wheat germ oil, flaxseed, borage with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, a teaspoon of seaweed powder and a quarter of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper. Drink this mixture once or three times a day.

You should have about 2 gallons of liquid in you at the end of each day. You can also consume antimicrobial herbs such as garlic or echinacea. Bowel activity slowed during these three days, so support it every night before bed by drinking a glass of prune juice with a lemon juice.

During a three day detox, it is very important to stimulate the lymphatic system with 30-60 minutes of exercise every day. But if you feel too tired, don’t force yourself to exercise. Side effects such as nausea, headache, back pain or dizziness can occur as toxins are released from the body. These symptoms indicate that the toxins are leaving the body and should have disappeared after the first day of the cleansing scrub.

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Try herbal cleansing for 7-10 days. Through natural treatment, experts agree that some herbs such as echinacea, cress, lawn clover, makeup or licorice can stimulate lymphatic function. Additionally, these herbs can remove layers of dirt from the filter system of your lymphatic vessels. You can look for herbal cleansing scrubs at your local pharmacy or health food store. These cleansing programs should last no longer than seven to ten days.

Echinacea is also said to help improve the immune system.

If you are taking any medications, speak to your doctor or naturopath first. Herbal teas should be avoided, especially by pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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