How To Get Rid Of Warts With Garlic

Warts can be a very embarrassing and annoying problem, especially when they are in a visible place. This is a very common thing and nothing serious unless they come back. If this happens to you, you should see a doctor who will find out the cause of recurring warts. But if you have common warts, there are some natural methods you can use to get rid of them.

Treating warts with garlic

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Test your skin. Garlic is an excellent home remedy for treating common warts. Fresh garlic works best, but you can also use squeezed juice. First rub a small piece of skin with garlic and see if you are not sensitive to it. Some people develop a rash when they come in contact with garlic, which is harmless but can be very annoying.

If this happens to you, you can proceed with natural methods, but you may not get rid of the rash in the process. If you choose to use crushed garlic, just rub it on the skin for an hour at a time. This slightly increases the overall treatment time.

A study on the treatment of childhood warts with garlic found that the warts disappeared with no side effects except for odor problems and, in one case, mild skin irritation. Another study used lipids, fats derived from garlic, to treat warts and corns. The study followed 42 patients of all ages and found that all participants had a 100% cure.

It is widely believed that the main antiviral compound in garlic, known as allicin, is a chemical that has a healing effect in the treatment of warts, but little research has been done to confirm this.

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Prepare the affected area. Before applying garlic, you need to dry and disinfect the entire area around the wart. Wash your hands then prepare a place. Use warm soapy water. Then dry the area with a cotton towel.

Any textile material that comes into contact with warts should be washed in hot, soapy water. You can also use bleach on towels to kill the wart virus.

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Apply garlic. Take a clove of garlic and crush it with the flat side of a kitchen knife. You can also halve the cloves. Rub the spot with crushed garlic or half a clove to allow the juices to soak into the skin.

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Then weigh the whole place. Apply crushed garlic directly to the wart, then secure with a patch or tape if desired. Do not apply garlic to healthy skin.

Make sure the affected area doesn’t have any open scratches or bumps. Garlic can burn and the wart virus can spread to the environment.

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Repeat the whole process. Treatments don’t work overnight. You have to repeat the whole process every day. Wash, dry and reassemble the crushed or sliced ​​garlic. After applying fresh garlic, reattach the wart or wrap it with a new plaster or bandage.

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You can also use tape to cover the wart. This keeps the entire area dry, although skin irritation can occur.

Repeat the garlic treatment daily for at least 3-4 weeks.

For most people, warts will start to shrink after six to seven days. Once the tape or bandage is removed, the wart will likely look dry and wrinkled as it fades.

If you don’t see any improvement, see your doctor to see if you have other problems.

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Peel off excess skin. You can use a nail file to remove the skin from the wart. Hold the wart area over the sink and soak it. Then use the thicker side of the file and run gently over and side of the wart. Then flip the file over and repeat the entire skin removal process with the softer side. Then rinse the entire area and reapply the crushed garlic.

Never rub a wart until it starts to bleed. Also, be careful not to touch the used leather area with the used file.

If you have plantar warts, treat your feet in a bathtub or smaller plastic workplace.

Be sure to remove the infected skin and rinse in the bath. Otherwise, the warts may reappear.

Discard used nail files.

Using other natural methods

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Use onions. Onion, garlic can remove warts. Prepare about one-eighth of a medium onion and puree it. Then place the onion directly over the wart and cover it with tape or, if you prefer, masking tape. Again, apply a fresh onion daily and cover the affected area with a new patch.

Like the garlic method, use a disposable nail file and remove excess skin with warts in between.

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Soak the wart in vinegar. Vinegar is actually dilute acetic acid, which is likely to break down cell membranes. The acidic environment then kills the virus. Soak a piece of cotton or cotton wool in vinegar and apply it directly to the wart. Secure the cotton with tape and leave it there for a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 2 days. Repeat as needed.

Use a nail file to remove excess skin between uses.

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Use dandelions. Dandelion juice contains many ingredients that can help fight warts, including antivirals. These substances tend to kill cells infected with viruses. Pick a dandelion or two from the garden, cut off the stalks, and squeeze the juice directly onto the wart. Then cover the area with a patch or tape and leave it there for 24 hours. Repeat as needed.

Use a nail file to remove excess skin between uses.

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Use banana peels. Banana peels contain many substances, including various enzymes that can damage cell membranes. Place the banana peel inside out directly on the wart, secure it with masking tape and leave it overnight. Repeat as needed.

In addition, banana peels contain carotenoids, which are substances from which vitamin A is synthesized. Vitamin A is known for its antiviral effects.

Use a nail file to remove excess skin between uses.

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Try fresh basil. Basil contains a large amount of antiviral substances which tend to kill the wart virus. Cut fresh basil leaves and shape into balls. Then place it on the wart, cover it with tape or plaster and leave it on for 24 hours. Repeat if necessary.

Use a nail file to remove excess skin between uses.

Use of over-the-counter drugs

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Prepare the skin. Regardless of the treatment method you choose, you should always wash and dry your hands, both before and after coming into contact with warts. Healthy skin should be exposed to the effects of the drug as little as possible. This method usually takes a few days. If your warts don’t shrink or change within 6-7 days, you should see your GP or dermatologist. You may need a different and stronger treatment.

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Use salicylic acid. Salicylic acid interferes with and kills cells infected with HPV (human papillomavirus). Normal, healthy cells remain intact. Purchase a salicylic acid product from your local pharmacy or drugstore—either in a patch or liquid form. Wash the entire area well and dry. Then apply the patch or liquid according to the instructions on the package leaflet. Repeat the whole process every day until the wart is gone. Could be 2-3 months.

Be careful not to also apply the medication to healthy areas of the skin.

To help the acid work, first soak the wart and remove excess skin to allow the active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin.

You can get more concentrated salicylic acid with a prescription.

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Try freezing the warts. Over-the-counter antifreeze mostly uses dimethyl ether and propane, which are substances that freeze the skin on the wart. The medicine basically freezes the wart and kills the skin, after which the wart falls off. You can find cryotherapeutic products like URGO or Wartner at almost any pharmacy. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use. The effect will occur in two months. Keep medicines away from open flames. Some of these products may be flammable.

Recent studies have shown that cryotherapy methods may be more effective than stated and positive results can be expected sooner than two months.

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Try the recording method. Also called occlusive, this method is a tried and true home treatment that many people swear by. However, the reason for its effectiveness is unknown. Some people claim that the glue in the tape contains a substance that dissolves the cells, and physics does the rest by tearing off the tape that removes the warts. For this method you will need silver tape, cut a piece and apply it directly to the wart, where you will leave it for about 6-7 days. Then remove the tape and soak the wart in water. Then use a nail file and use it to remove any remaining warts.

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Leave the wart open for 24 hours or at least overnight. Then apply the tape to the wart for another 6-7 days. Repeat the entire process as needed for up to two months.

You can apply onion or garlic juice to the wart before applying the tape.

In one study, duct tape worked better than a method that used freezing to remove warts.

Learn more about warts

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Recognize the warts. Warts are skin growths caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Warts can appear anywhere on the body and only the top layer of skin is ever infected. Common warts usually form on the hands and feet (plantar warts).

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Understanding HPV transmission. The HPV virus is very easily transmitted from one person to another. You can also easily infect yourself by touching the wart first and then the rest of the body. But warts are also spread through sharing towels, razors, and other personal items they come into contact with.

Some people seem to be more prone to warts than others. You are at higher risk of developing warts if your immune system is suppressed or reduced.

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Recognize the symptoms. Warts are basically bumps that appear on the skin with a rough surface, although some can be more flat and smooth. They reach different sizes and shapes. They are usually painless, but in some cases plantar warts can cause pain when walking. Also, warts on fingers are uncomfortable as they are easily irritated by frequent finger movements.

Warts can generally be diagnosed by a doctor without the need for sampling based on where the suspect is and what they look like.

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Differentiate different types of warts. Common warts can spread to the genitals or anal area, although they are usually caused by the HPV virus. Common warts , unlike many genital warts, are not associated with a higher risk of cancer.

Be sure to see a doctor who can determine if you have common warts or not.

If you find warts around the genitals or on the anus, you should see a doctor who will determine the specific virus that is causing your problem.

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