How To Tell If Someone Is Using Cocaine

Cocaine is an addictive substance and can cause serious health problems, including overdose and death. Because the symptoms of cocaine abuse are similar to those of other health conditions, it is sometimes not easy to determine if someone is actually consuming cocaine. If you are concerned that someone in your family, friends or colleagues is using cocaine, this article will tell you what symptoms you should notice.

physical symptoms

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Notice the white powder on the person’s nose and things. Cocaine is a white powder commonly used for snorting. Pay attention to the powder residue on the person’s nose and face. Even when he wipes the dust off his body, you may notice a little bit on his clothes or personal items.

Try looking under a chair or bed for a flat object that a person might snort cocaine from.

It is possible that the person will tell you that the white powder you found is sugar or something else harmless. However, if you encounter it more than once, especially in unusual places (like a magazine under the bed), it probably isn’t sugar.

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Notice if the person sniffs often or runs their nose. Cocaine strains the airways and can cause a constant cold. Heavy users sometimes appear to have a cold despite having no other symptoms of the disease.

If a person touches or wipes their nose frequently, it can also mean they are consuming cocaine.

After long-term cocaine use, addicts can experience nosebleeds and damage to the tissues of the nose.

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Watch out for bloody eyes. Since cocaine is a powerful stimulant, it causes eye redness like marijuana. Notice that the person has red, glassy eyes at certain times of the day. Cocaine makes it difficult to fall asleep, which is why users tend to get red eyes, especially in the morning.

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Make sure the person has dilated pupils. Cocaine users tend to have dilated dark pupils. If a person has unusually dilated pupils, even in a well-lit room, it may mean that he or she is consuming cocaine. Because dilated pupils are much more sensitive to light, cocaine users often wear sunglasses to protect their sensitive eyes.

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A person has dilated pupils only as long as they are exposed to cocaine, so it’s easy to miss this symptom.

Dilated pupils are also a symptom of many other medications. If a person has dilated pupils, it does not necessarily mean that he is using cocaine.

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Notice if the person has a needle wound on their body. Heavy users sometimes dissolve cocaine and inject it directly into a vein. Look at the person’s hands, forearms, feet, and legs and look for the little needles. If you find these sores, the person is likely to be cocaine.

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Look for drug addicts. Cocaine can be snorted as a white powder, smoked as a crack, or injected into a vein. There are several things that users use frequently:

White powder on mirrors, CDs and other small flat surfaces.

Rolled bills, whistles, spoons, small plastic bags.

Lemon juice or vinegar – mixed with cocaine to increase its effects.

Sometimes cocaine is taken with heroin, a practice called “speedballing”.

cocaine use behavior

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Notice if the person is acting unnaturally. Cocaine users feel elated and can seem very happy for no apparent reason. Compare a person’s behavior to how he behaves under normal circumstances and try to find out if he is using cocaine or if her behavior may have been caused by another drug.

You may also notice that the person laughs more often.

Sometimes people who take cocaine behave very aggressively or impulsively. In some cases, hallucinations also occur.

The hyperactivity lasts only as long as the user is exposed to cocaine, which can last from 20 minutes to two hours.

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Notice if the person leaves the room often. Since cocaine only works for a short time, additional doses often need to be given to maintain the consumer’s euphoria. Cocaine users often have to apologize and leave the room. If a person goes to the bathroom every 20 to 30 minutes, it may mean that he is using cocaine.

Of course, there are many other reasons why someone needs to go to the bathroom often. Don’t rely on just this single symptom and look for other signs that it’s hiding something.

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It is also possible that the person often leaves the room with someone else. Watch the two people communicate and try to find out if they are both using cocaine.

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Notice if the person has anorexia.

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Note the “range. ” When someone ends up in a cocaine-induced euphoria, especially the day after heavy use, they may feel lethargic and depressed. Beware if the person has difficulty getting out of bed in the morning or is extremely irritable If a lethargy pattern occurs, the person may be using cocaine.

In many cases, cocaine users isolate themselves from others after using it. If the person closes the door to the room and does not want to leave, it could be a sign that he is consuming cocaine.

Some people take tranquilizers or drink alcohol to deal with the side effects of cocaine and help them fall asleep.

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Notice the long-term changes. Long-term addicts risk severe addiction. For some of them, finding another benefit becomes a priority and their other responsibilities may suffer. Note the following characteristics of long-term heavy users:

Repeated users may develop a tolerance and require progressively higher doses to achieve the desired effect. They can do cocaine every ten minutes and participate in weekly parties.

They can be very secretive, unreliable and untrue. Due to the neurological effects of cocaine, many experience severe mood swings, depression and psychotic behavior.

They may neglect family or work commitments and sometimes even personal hygiene. You can find a new group of social contacts and friends who also use cocaine.

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Find out if the person has financial problems. Cocaine is a very expensive drug. Heavy users need a high income to be able to afford to use cocaine. As their working life often suffers, their financial situation can soon become unbearable.

It is possible that the person is applying for a loan but does not want to tell you what the money will be for.

In extreme cases, users can even steal and scam loved ones to get money for another dose of the drug.

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what you should do

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Express your concerns. It is much better to talk than to keep quiet. Tell the person that you have noticed that they are using cocaine and that you are concerned about their physical and mental health. Tell him you want to help him break his addiction.

Don’t wait for the person to fall all the way down. Cocaine is too dangerous for that. Don’t let your loved one go through addiction without help.

Give specific examples of things you have noticed to “confirm” that you are sure the person is using cocaine. Be prepared to deny it.

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Ask someone in your family for help. If it’s your child or close relative, make an appointment with a psychologist or addiction specialist. Potential cocaine addiction is too serious to fix on its own.

Find an experienced therapist who specializes in addiction.

A family therapist or school psychologist can also help.

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Don’t resort to threats and intimidation. The most important thing will be that the addict wants to change his situation and stop using the drug. If you try to take control of the situation by threatening, bribing, and fabricating extreme punishment, you are not going anywhere. If you invade someone’s privacy, hold them accountable and argue with them, you are probably only making the whole situation worse.

Tell the person what the consequences will be (such as losing pocket money or a car), but don’t resort to empty threats you can’t counter.

Try to find out what the root cause of the person’s drug use is. He works with an experienced psychologist.

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Don’t blame yourself. Whether it’s your child or someone else, there’s no point in blaming them. His cocaine addiction affects him, not you. You can’t influence his decision – all you can do is support him and encourage him to seek help. Allowing a person to take full responsibility for their behavior is an important part of addiction treatment.

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